Nuclear subcontracting: AREVA submits report to the French Industry Minister

News brief

AREVA has submitted to the French Minister for Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy, a report on AREVA policy on outsourcing in relation to nuclear activities in France. This report has also been supplied to the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) and the High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Safety (HCTISN).

This report provides an overview of outsourced activities carried out for our group in France on nuclear sites, broken down according to the following three situations: AREVA as facility operator, industrial operator or service provider. This report in particular presents the nature of the outsourced activities, the evaluation and selection criteria for subcontractors and the various levels of control. The challenges of human resource management are analyzed, as well as those concerning nuclear safety, radiation protection and occupational safety issues.

This report has been prepared at the Minister's request, to supplement reports on the additional security assessments supplied to the ASN on September 15.

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