Olkiluoto 3 - Inner containment dome concreting: completed!

News brief

EPR reactor construction site, Olkiluoto (Finland). 2010, 20 july.With the completion of the last pouring step of the Inner Containment Dome on July, 2010, a major OL3 Project milestone has been achieved.  During this last step, 600m³ of concrete were poured by 2 teams of 35. The operation lasted 36 hours. Altogether, 12,000m³ of concrete were cast for the erection of the Inner Containment. This required a close daily cooperation between our sub-contractors, under the supervision of AREVA.  

"I would like to thank you very much for the completion of the concreting of the Inner Dome of this first EPR™ power plant. You have reached a very symbolic landmark of this construction. It was a 'giant' job you performed with full safety culture behaviour during 57 months from October 2005, the first concrete, to July 2010. Thanks again and good luck for the next challenge which is the Outer Dome!” said Jean Pierre Mouroux, Olkiluoto3 Project Director.

The next steps are the completion of the pre-stressing of the Inner Containment and the pouring of the Outer Dome.