Olkiluoto 3: 3 out of 4 steam generators successfully installed

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After installing the first two steam generators in November, the third steam generator is now in its final position in the reactor building of the Olkiluoto 3 in Finland.

Once lifted from ground to 19,5 m and pushed up to the entrance of the reactor building the steam generator is connected to the temporary lifting device installed on the polar crane. Therefore, the steam generator is finally tilted and lifted down into its bunker.

A after 3 days of handling, the steam generator is installed on his set of 4 stands in its final location in the reactor building

Over 40 people participated to these major milestones which contribute to the primary circuit installation of the plant.

More about a steam generator:

The steam generator (SG) provides heat transfer water from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit. The heat transfer is ensured by 6000 U-tubes representing an area of 8000m2. This water is converted into steam that drives a turbine connected to a generator producing electricity.
Consequently, the basic quality of the steam generator, particularly the tube array and configuration, is critical for nuclear power plant safety and performance.

A few indications concerning a EPR steam generator:

• A weight of 550 t,
• A height of 25 m
• A diameter of 5.2 m
• A beam of 6000 U-tubes, representing an area of 8000 m2 and a length of 140 km of tubes.

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To know more
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