Olkiluoto 3 EPR –schedule review


AREVA SA as leader of the consortium AREVA-Siemens, has undertaken a review of the Olkiluoto 3 EPR project completion schedule.

The updated schedule is based on the lessons learned from the other EPR projects under construction. It takes into account the extended duration of the recently completed Hot Functional Tests (without core) and the remaining prerequisites to be completed to reach the plant status required for the Fuel Loading, and plans the final path forward.

OL3 first connection to the grid and start of electricity production is planned in Q2 2019. The project is now progressing towards the Fuel Loading in early 2019, with fully committed and mobilized teams.

The new collaboration mode implemented since March 2018 as a result of the global settlement agreement signed with TVO, and the decisive step performed in early June 2018 at Taishan Unit 1 EPR with its first criticality (effective start-up of the nuclear reactor), further strengthen our confidence in the timely realization of the coming milestones and the delivery of the power plant to TVO.

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