“Plant 4.0” Start-Up Incubator: A 2nd Edition on IoT With Five New Partners

Press release

Total is today launching its second Plant 4.0 start-up incubator, joined this year by Air Liquide, AREVA, Eiffage, Solvay and VINCI Energies. This is the very first multicorporate Plant 4.0 start-up incubator in the world. The partners’ common goal is to accelerate the deployment of digital technology in industry.

Buoyed by the success of the Plant 4.0 start-up incubator launched by Total in 2016, the Group decided to repeat the experience, this time opening up the project to include other industry partners, on the narrower theme of innovative solutions offered by the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

This open innovation approach aims to identify the start-ups that offer practical, relatively mature industrial solutions to meet specialized operational requirements. The fledgling companies can test their technology, product or service directly with their potential customers and are put in contact with the incubator’s manufacturing partners and their start-up ecosystems. Total and the other partners will also share their expertise with the successful candidates.

With the spread of sensors and new developments in data collection and management, innovative solutions can improve the efficiency and boost the performance of plants and different industries. This international call for projects focuses on connected objects in industry in four areas:

  • Acoustic detection of leaks or anomalies.
  • Corrosion monitoring.
  • Non-invasive flow measurement.
  • Manual valve position displays.

Total works in an open innovation process with start-ups and manufacturing partners because we all face the same challenges. Building digital solutions together speeds up their deployment in our plants and industrial facilities,” says Gilles Cochevelou, Chief Digital Officer at Total. “Digital tech improves safety and efficiency, while reducing costs. It offers a world of opportunities and could increase competitiveness in industry and for start-ups.”

To participate:
To participate:
  • Register at: www.plant4-0-startup-incubator.com.
  • The closing date for submissions is September 2, 2017.
  • Shortlisted projects will be presented to the panel of judges.
  • The selection committee will reveal the names of the first start-ups selected in the fourth quarter of 2017.
  • The successful start-ups may be incubated for several months.

The judges will include managers and experts from Total, Air Liquide, AREVA, Eiffage, Solvay, VINCI Energies and their partner Impulse Labs, which specializes in accelerating energy- and industry-related start-ups.

For the first incubator, all industrial digital tech fields were covered by Total, from robotics, transportation, IoT, cybersecurity and remote diagnostics to augmented reality, drones and artificial intelligence. Out of 150 submissions, 24 start-ups were shortlisted and 9 selected for incubation periods of about 6 months. Total introduced streamlined processes for collaboration with the start-ups, for example by having a single contact person. Proofs of concept (pilots) were conducted at production facilities and some of the start-ups continue to work with Total today.

Why participate in a multicorporate incubator?
Why participate in a multicorporate incubator?

"Our involvement in the" Plant 4.0" incubator reflects our Digital Transformation strategy, whose management of ecosystems is a major axis," underlines Olivier Delabroy, VP Digital Transformation, Air Liquide. "The relationships we have built and continue to enhance with start-ups are a critical part of our open innovation approach. It is a long-term, partnership-based approach aiming at accelerating innovation and our Digital Transformation, focused on usages and design, serving the customer experience. This proximity with start-ups helps us to increase our agility and to reinforce the expertise required to carry out projects in various fields, including IoT. In this respect, we look forward to joining this incubator that Total is opening for the first time to external partners."

Industry 4.0 concepts, including IoT are the first pillar of our digital transformation program. We have over three years of experience with Open Innovation and are very pleased with the results. For New AREVA, joining the Plant 4.0 incubator is in line with this and reflects our willingness to enhance our involvement in in ustrial collaboration programs,” commented Jean-Luc Delcuvellerie, Digital Transformation Program Manager, New AREVA.

The participation in Total's "Plant 4.0" incubator with key industrial players is a way for Eiffage to work within a strong dynamic of open innovation, on the issues already identified. The pool of qualified start-ups and the identified uses will allow us to support the deployment of digital technologies in our industrial activities to improve our performance, also accompanying the Group itself in the digital transformation” state Valérie David, Sustainable development and transversal innovation Director, Eiffage.

"The teaming up of this group of industrial companies with specialized start-ups will help to efficiently identify and address the digital needs of the industry. The cutting-edge solutions these start-up companies can bring will accelerate the digital revolution that will transform our industrial sites," said Alain Faessler, Solvay Group General Manager Industrial.

For Olivier Albessard, Brand director of Actemium, the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to the industrial process: "Partnering with startups and niche experts allows agility, creativity and a degree of solutions customization that accelerate our capacity to design innovative offers for the industry of the future. We develop our ability to respond as well as our relevance, while the startup conquers difficult markets to reach on her own. Our contribution to the Total incubator, one of our major industrial partners, will allow us to go even further in this operational approach of co-innovation, improving the industrial performance of our client.