Governance Changes : AREVA Convenes General Assembly

Press Release

1 AREVA’s Supervisory Board, which met today at the company’s headquarters under the chairmanship of Mr. Pierre Blayau, has convened a General Shareholder Assembly to be held on January 8, 2015 in order to submit a new governance structure for their approval.
The shareholders will be asked notably to vote on a resolution which proposes the evolution of the current governance structure, comprised of a Supervisory Board and a Management Board, to a single Board of Directors structure.
In this framework, the shareholders will be asked to vote on the nomination of the members of the Board of Directors.
The following nominations will be submitted for their vote:  

-          Mr. Bernard Bigot 
-          Ms. Sophie Boissard
-          Mr. Claude Imauven
-          Mr. Philippe Knoche       
-          Mr. Christian Masset (at the request of the French State)
-          Mr. Denis Morin (at the request of the French State)
-          Ms. Pascale Sourisse
-          Mr. Philippe Varin

Pending the approval of the resolutions by the shareholders, the Board of Directors will hold a meeting following the General Assembly in order to determine, in particular, the organization of the Executive Management Board and the Board’s committees.

2 During today’s meeting, the Supervisory Board approved the nomination of Mr. Philippe Varin to replace Mr. Christophe Béhar, who has resigned.
Mr. Pierre Blayau said: “Mr. Philippe Varin’s immediate arrival in the Supervisory Board will enable us to undertake, without delay, the in-depth analysis of the financial elements that were published by the Executive Board on November 18 and to develop the recovery measures that are necessary today.
I, along with Philippe Varin, will take all of the necessary steps for the Executive Board and an ad hoc committee, composed of the Strategic and Audit Committees, to be able to best contribute to this work.”