Process systems tests launched at Olkiluoto 3

In Brief

On April 6, 2016, the process systems tests began at the OL3 reactor site in Finland. This is the second important milestone for the project achieved in 2016.

The first system to be tested is the seawater system, which provides cooling for the various plant safety systems. This operation paves the way for the overall systems testing to be conducted at the OL3 nuclear power plant.

The main electromechanical installations, including the piping works, will be completed throughout the first half of 2016. This is one of the prerequisites for another project milestone, the reactor primary circuit cleaning planned for the end of the year.

“This important milestone is the second one achieved in 2016, as the first was the automation tests here at Olkiluoto. The OL3 project has all of the prerequisites necessary to proceed as planned,”- explains Jouni Silvennoinen, Senior Vice President responsible for the OL3 Project at TVO.

“The start of this system test at OL3 is the result of our teams’ hard work and commitment. This is a key turning point for the project, which is now beginning its final stage,”- says Jean-Pierre Mouroux, OL3 Project Director, AREVA.