Quality Audit at the Le Creusot Plant: End of June Update

Press release

The quality audit launched at the end of 2015 by AREVA at the Le Creusot plant has revealed irregular findings in the manufacturing tracking records for nuclear power plant equipment.

The initial analysis of the findings identified to date concerning the components delivered to nuclear reactors in operation and under construction as well as transportation containers has been completed. The technical conclusions of this analysis have been provided to the customers concerned, both in France and internationally. Based on these conclusions at this time, the mechanical integrity of the components manufactured has not been called into question.

AREVA is ready to support its customers and has begun additional analyses as requested to enhance the verification of these tracking records.

In line with its quality assurance standards, AREVA is accordingly issuing irregularity and non-compliance reports which are handled in coordination with its customers.

The audit of Le Creusot continues, notably through the following actions:

- Analysis of the findings for the components not delivered or not installed in nuclear facilities

- Analysis of the findings for non-nuclear components

- Verification to confirm that the findings identified are exhaustive

Even if the examination confirms the disappearance of irregular findings beginning in 2012, initiatives have been set up at Le Creusot to reinforce the safety and quality culture for the manufacturing activities underway.

As previously announced, this audit has been expanded to include AREVA’s Chalon Saint-Marcel and Jeumont facilities.

AREVA presented an update today to the French High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Safety and will provide another progress report before the end of July.