Quality Audit at the Le Creusot Plant: End of May Status Update

Press release

The quality audit launched at the end of 2015 by AREVA at the Le Creusot plant has revealed irregular findings in the manufacturing tracking records of equipment for nuclear power plants. An initial internal analysis of two-thirds of these findings has been completed. This analysis does not call into question the mechanical integrity of the components manufactured.

This first analysis of the findings concerning the nuclear reactors in France has been conducted in coordination with EDF, which is providing this information to the French nuclear safety authority. AREVA’s international customers concerned by the findings identified at this time have already been notified. 

The audit of the manufacturing records and further analyses continue at Le Creusot. The quality audit has been expanded to AREVA’s Chalon-Saint Marcel and Jeumont equipment manufacturing facilities.

The findings identified at this stage of the audit are related to manufacturing activities prior to 2012. Without waiting for the comprehensive results of the audit, AREVA has already intensified its internal review procedures at the Le Creusot plant and has established additional measures to reinforce the safety and quality culture.

AREVA will provide another progress report before the end of June.