Quality audit on manufacturing sites: end of July update

News brief

AREVA NP continues the quality audit on its equipment manufacturing sites of Le Creusot, Saint Marcel and Jeumont, according to its action plan and to the associated schedule.

This action plan is structured around three axes:

1. The first axis aims at identifying and handling irregular findings in the tracking records of equipment manufactured in the past. On one hand, AREVA NP handled records recognized as containing irregular findings. On the other hand, the group inspects, through sampling, the other records of manufacturing sites. AREVA NP relies on a dedicated internal team which leads interviews and inspections in the field and analyzes reports. Besides, AREVA NP appointed an independent expert, Lloyd’s Apave Register, to broaden the quality audit carried out in 2015. All the identified findings regarding nuclear components to date were analyzed. 27% of irregularity reports to be handled have been provided to the customers concerned. The technical analysis of reports for other components was initiated. A new check of the reports is in progress and was extended to castings.

2. The goal of the second axis is to ensure the quality of the current and future manufactured equipment. Its purpose is to strengthen the technical expertise in the processes. Furthermore, even if the non-compliant practices strongly decrease from 2012 on, measures to reinforce control and supervision were implemented at Le Creusot plant.

3. The third axis is the reinforcement of the safety and quality culture through the deployment of methods and the training of managers and employees, while strengthening organizations in place.

Irregular findings are being handled by AREVA NP in close cooperation with the customers concerned in France and internationally. At the end of July, the analysis of the manufacturing tracking records has not called into question the integrity of the manufactured components. In addition to experts’ analyses, some irregular findings led to new tests in order to consolidate the demonstration of the compliance of the manufactured equipment concerned with regards to regulatory requirements. This is the case of a manufactured part delivered to the Fessenheim 2 Nuclear Power Plant, the test certificate of which was suspended by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), and for which AREVA NP is carrying out new tests on a similar part.