Reactors & Services BG: AREVA inaugurates a new Test  Center at JSPM, a world first

News brief

anne lauvergeon JSPM novembre 2010With local elected representatives attending, Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of AREVA, and Alain Vandercruyssen, CEO of AREVA subsidiary JSPM, inaugurated a global first on November 23, 2010: the JSPM Test Center in Maubeuge.

Among other features of the JSPM Test Center is a test loop for reactor coolant pump sets of EPR™ reactors that reproduces actual flow rate, pressure and temperature conditions, supplementing low flow rate testing already performed at AREVA's Jeumont site.

There had been no other facility to perform full-scale reactor coolant pump tests for the EPR™ reactor, until now. These components are essential to nuclear reactor safety, as they circulate water between the reactor vessel and the steam generators of the power plant. The creation of the Test Center reinforces the assurance of safety of AREVA's EPR™ reactor and gives it an additional competitive advantage.

During the inauguration ceremony, Anne Lauvergeon remarked that “AREVA and its partners have created a veritable global center of excellence in Maubeuge. I am proud to have been able to associate Val de Sambre in the creation of cutting edge technology that is helping to meet the energy challenges of the 21st century.”

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