Reactors & Services BG: AREVA inaugurates its Technical Center at Creusot, devoted to research and innovation for nuclear safety

News brief

Le Creusot, April 13th, 2011 - AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon inaugurated on April 12 the new facilities of the AREVA Technical Center in Creusot, which is devoted to research and innovation for nuclear safety.

During the inauguration ceremony, Anne Lauvergeon remarked that "since its establishment, the AREVA group has made safety its absolute priority. The recently expanded Creusot Technical Center is a perfect illustration of this. Because nuclear safety is not an option, the group is working to offer ever safer solutions through ongoing innovation and continuous improvement."

With employees, elected representatives from Burgundy and representatives of the French State attending, Anne Lauvergeon and Gilles Perrault, Director of the Technical Center, celebrated the end of the three-year, 7.5-million euro program to expand and renovate the center, doubling its total surface area.

The Creusot Technical Center is devoted to the development of new technologies and services for nuclear reactors. At the Center, AREVA conducts a variety of tests and studies on materials aging, heat transfers, fluid motion and the mechanical behavior of systems and components of existing and future nuclear power plants, such as the ITER project.

This research work combined with technology innovation enables AREVA to achieve a very high level of safety for existing and future reactors.