Report from December 11th to 26th, 2012


The program of treatment of spent fuels having been realized (1 023 tons). Both plants are currently stopped for planned maintenance.

Furthermore, since the beginning of the year:

  • 699 containers of vitrified waste(1) were elaborated in vitrification facilities.
  • 858 containers of compacted waste(2) were elaborated in the facility of compaction of hulls, which assures the packaging of the metallic structures of spent fuels. 

(1)The fission products (ultimate residues of spent fuel) are incorporated in heated glass to approximately 1100°C. The whole is poured in stainless steel containers. The fission products are an integral part of stable, compact and resistant glass. This process is called vitrification.

(2)The compacted waste corresponds to the metallic structures of spent fuels, which once compacted, allow to divide by 5 the volume of the ultimate waste.

Contact presse AREVA
Contact presse AREVA

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