Saudi Arabia: AREVA and EDF bring together local industry leaders to support the country’s energy projects


In Riyadh today, French companies AREVA and EDF invited a number of Saudi business and industry representatives to participate in an energy program suggested by King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE) focused on nuclear and renewable energy sources.

Two hundreds participants from this sector attended the event, including a representative from K.A.CARE (King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy), the French Ambassador to Riyadh, representatives of Saudi industry along with senior executives from EDF and AREVA.

AREVA and EDF intend to work in association with a solid network of Saudi suppliers to prepare future sustainable energy projects, which will consequently contribute to the industrial and technical development of local companies.

Dominique Lagarde, Vice-President of EDF’s Nuclear Engineering Division, commented: “Relying regularly on the competences of local partners is essential to guaranteeing the quality and safety of future facilities through the exchange of know-how and expertise”.

Tarik Choho, AREVA’s Chief Commercial Officer, added “Our projects, in both nuclear and renewable energy, always include a significant amount of localization. This is all the more pertinent in Saudi Arabia, a country with an ambitious energy strategy, and will lead to the formation of a robust and qualified industrial base.”

After opening a joint office in Riyadh in June 2012 and through the organization of this suppliers‘ event, AREVA and EDF wish to contribute their expertise to the Saudi energy program, from choosing the appropriate power generation solutions to managing the operating cycle.


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