Saudi Arabia: AREVA and EDF open a Branch Office in Riyadh


With the cooperation of their partners and local stakeholders, AREVA and EDF are committed to the success of the Saudi ambitious solar and nuclear program.

In this framework, AREVA and EDF have inaugurated today a common office in Riyadh in order to have a local presence and to start the operational implementation of the cooperation with their partners in the Kingdom. The ceremony was attended by officials and professionals of the energy sector.

Ruben Lazo, AREVA’s Chief Commercial Officer, declared: “We can’t wait to bring our proven and mature technologies in solar and nuclear energies to contribute to the sustainable development of Saudi economy by preserving its natural and strategic resources while providing clean and economical energy. Our solar and nuclear technologies fit perfectly with the strategy of the Kingdom, since they maximize local content and thus offer the best potential for local job creation".

Gerard Wolf, EDF Senior Executive Vice-President - International Development, declared: "EDF is committed to accompany the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a strong long term relationship so as to allow the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to drive successfully its national energy strategy through a knowledge transfer to Saudi engineers and technicians. EDF is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation through the opening of this nuclear branch office."


Riyad EDF Office Director
Fernando Greco  +33 6 99 95 65 98

Alison  Marquilly  +33 1 40 42 15 76

Analysts and Investors
Carine de Boissezon  + 33 1 40 42 45 53
David Newhouse (US Investors)  + 33 1 40 42 32 45

Riyad AREVA Office Director
Ali Nouri

Trade Press Relations
Caroline Sagne  +33 1 34 95 90 12

Investors Relations
Marie de Scorbiac  + 33 1 34 96 05 97
Philippine du Repaire  + 33 1 34 96 11 51