Saudi Arabia: AREVA launches its Suppliers Excellence Silver training Program

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AREVA, with the support of EDF, has launched a training program called “the Suppliers Excellence Silver Program” to provide Saudi companies with a better understanding of the high safety and quality requirements specific to the nuclear industry.

The first session of this program was hosted on December 17 and 18, by the National Institute of Technology in Bahra, near Jeddah. Thirty participants attended the two-day session.

Ali Nouri, Vice President of AREVA in the Middle East, declared “These training sessions enable us to share our know-how and expertise, especially regarding quality and safety. It shows AREVA’s commitment to support the development of the nuclear industry in the Kingdom”.

Raed Al-Rashed, Director of the National Institute of Technology added, “We are very pleased to see that this type of knowledge sharing is already a reality. We are confident that AREVA’s education initiatives will enable the development of nuclear technical competences in Saudi Arabia”.

For Ibrahim Nageeb, Quality Control Manager at Hidada, a leader in the engineering and fabrication of steel products and storage tanks in the Saudi region: “The training was very instructive and added great value. As a new comer to the nuclear industry, this training allowed us to get a first grip on the nuclear field and its specific and demanding requirements. We appreciate AREVA’s efforts in the Kingdom and hope this marks the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration with Saudi Arabia”.

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