Security Month at AREVA

In brief

Today, Philippe Knoche, AREVA’s Chief Executive Officer, kicked-off AREVA’s Safety Month with a presentation before the company’s managers at the headquarters in Paris La Défense.

During his presentation, Mr. Knoche underlined the special importance of occupational safety within AREVA, especially as the company is undergoing a profound transformation. He asked his colleagues for their commitment to constant vigilance in order to meet the ultimate objective of zero workplace accidents for all the business sectors.

As of mid-2015, AREVA’s safety indicators reflect a positive evolution as part oof the significant progress made by the company since 2012:

• Year-on-year, workplace accidents have declined by 25% as compared to 2014.

• AREVA is on the way to meeting its objective for less than 340 workplace accidents in 2015, or the equivalent frequency rate of five accidents, with or without lost-time, for every one million work hours. In 2014, there were 376 accidents recorded.

• The Engineering and Projects organization reported no lost-time accidents in 2014.

During the month of June, the company’s sites throughout the world will organize events to educate and encourage employees to pay attention to security concerns, including the leading causes of accidents and the best practices in order to avoid them.

Anne-Marie Choho, senior executive vice-president of Quality, Safety, Security and Operational Support for AREVA, said “Just like nuclear safety, occupational safety is not negotiable. In this transformational period with specific occupation safety risks, we must intensify our efforts to continue improving. Our economic performance begins by ensuring the overall safety, health and security of all AREVA’s employees and subcontractors.”