Seventh shipment of vitrified waste to the Netherlands

Press Release

A railway shipment of vitrified nuclear waste is programmed today from AREVA’s railway terminal in Valognes (France) to the COVRA storage facility in the Netherlands. The shipping cask contains in total 28 containers. This is the 7th shipment of this kind between France and the Netherlands.

This transport complies with the applicable national and international regulations to guarantee a high level of safety and security. The cask used for the shipment is compliant with safety criteria defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency and is designed to protect people and the environment in all circumstances.

This vitrified waste shipment operates following the intergovernmental agreement signed by France and the Netherlands and a contract for the processing-recycling between AREVA and the Dutch utility EPZ which operates Borssele reactor situated in the southwest of the country. In particular this contract plans the separation of recyclable materials and the waste at the la Hague plant.

AREVA Press Contact
AREVA Press Contact

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