Shareholders approve terms of capital increases of AREVA SA and NewCo(1)

Press release

Combined General Meeting of AREVA SA shareholders

The Combined General Meeting of AREVA SA shareholders, meeting today in Paris-La Défense under the chairmanship of Mr. Philippe Varin, have approved the resolutions submitted to the shareholders for a vote, with the exception of the sixth resolution.

As announced on December 15, 2016, and further to the authorizations for the group’s restructuring plan granted by the European Commission on January 10, subject to certain conditions, AREVA SA’s shareholders, gathered together in a General Meeting, were asked to express an opinion on the planned capital increase of AREVA SA. In particular, the Shareholders:
• authorized the capital increase in the total amount of 2 billion euros (including issuing premium) by means of an ordinary share issue reserved for the French State;
• decided to remove the preemptive subscription right of the shareholders in the exclusive favor of the French State;
• granted authority to the Board of Directors for a period of eighteen months for the purpose of carrying out the capital increase.

During this General Meeting, the shareholders of AREVA SA also:
• voted for the reduction of share capital resulting from losses by means of a reduction of the par value of the shares prior to the AREVA SA capital increase;
• ratified the co-optation of Mrs. Marie-Hélène Sartorius in the capacity of director;
• gave a favorable opinion on the group’s asset disposal plan, principally including the sale of AREVA NP’s operations to EDF.

General Meeting of NewCo

The capital increase of 3 billion euros of NewCo has been authorized by the General Meeting of NewCo, also held today.

The State will subscribe to the reserved capital increases of AREVA SA and of NewCo in the amounts of 2 billion euros and of a maximum of 2.5 billion euros respectively, once the two preconditions laid down in the European Commission’s decision have been fulfilled(2).

As indicated in the AREVA press release published on the morning of February 3, 2017, and subject to an agreement on the final documentation, MHI and JNFL will subscribe in equal shares to a second reserved capital increase of NewCo in the amount of 500 million euros, once majority control of New NP(3) has been ceded to EDF.

(1) The legal name of NewCo is new AREVA Holding
(2) Conditions specified in the AREVA press release of January 11, 2017
(3) New NP combines the operations of AREVA NP, excluding the OL3 contract and the means needed for its completion, and, as appropriate, certain Component contracts affected by serious anomalies which might be identified in connection with the ongoing quality audit