Signature of two New contracts for Front-End Business Group


Fuel assemblyFuel reloads with EON/OKG

EON/OKG utility just entrusted AREVA with the order of fuel reloads to feed the Swedish reactor of Oskarshamn2 nuclear power plant (between 2012 and 2015) and the 6 German reactors of Grafenrheinfeld, Isar 1&2, Brokdorf, Grohnde and Unterweser nuclear power plants.

Deliveries will take place from 2012 uintil 2015 for the Swedish nuclear power plant and beween 2012 until 2013 for the 6 German nuclear power plants.

Zirconium bars with KNF

CEZUS signs new contract with KNF (Korea Nuclear Fuel) showing its confidence in AREVA by ordering more than 25 tons of Zirconium Zy4 bars.

Deliveries will take place from late 2010 until 2013.