Spent fuel recycling: AREVA and TNS survey the opinion-formers

News brief

Operators in front of LaHague facility

Working in collaboration with TNS Sofres, AREVA has conducted a survey in seven countries to gain a clearer understanding of perceptions about spent nuclear fuel.


The results reinforce AREVA offers and solutions for nuclear spent fuel management.

France, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the USA: the countries taking part in this survey were very carefully selected. All have different experiences and outlooks in terms of nuclear energy. Rather than question too large or too diverse a sample, AREVA decided to target opinion-formers in two categories:

  • a “well-informed” group of individuals familiar with the subject and readers of the financial press
  • an “expert” group made up of local and national government representatives, as well as selected journalists
A more confident outlook for the future of nuclear energy
A more confident outlook for the future of nuclear energy

Three clear messages emerge from the outcome of this survey.

•  The fate of spent nuclear fuels remains the Achilles heel of industry growth. Although the majority of those interviewed in all the countries surveyed were in favor of using nuclear energy to generate electricity, the fate of spent nuclear fuel is a cause for global concern, and is seen as holding back the potential development of the industry.

•  The opinion-formers interviewed also felt that the authorities had not fully grasped the challenges posed by spent nuclear fuels. They demand immediate action, with the emphasis on placing greater trust in the industry itself.

•  The “well-informed” group is more in favor of recycling. The arguments presented in favor of recycling – a 25% saving of uranium, the reduced volume and toxicity of nuclear waste and the ability to recover energy – were interpreted by this group as unexploited potential, and even strengthened the feeling amongst 78% of French respondents and 87% of UK and American respondents that nuclear energy is a solution of the future.

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