Statement by the Chairman of the AREVA group Supervisory Board

Press release

Following information recently published in the press regarding the governance of the AREVA group, Jean-Cyril Spinetta, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, expresses his disapproval at the multiplication of untimely statements.

He wishes to make clear the following points:

A new procedure was issued following the meeting of the Council of Ministers on August 3, 2010. It indicates that “the appointment, renewal and succession of senior executives shall be better anticipated by asking the competent committee of the Executive Board to prepare for them before the end of the second mandate of the persons concerned”. 

It has been decided to create a committee chaired by Jean-Cyril Spinetta and Messrs François David and René Ricol, members of the Board, to prepare for the renewal or succession of the group’s senior executives whose mandates expire in June of this year.

This process in no way prejudges the recommendations that will be submitted to the shareholders of the company.

Moreover, some newspaper articles are reporting totally erroneous statements on the agreements signed with the Indian operator NPCIL last December 6.

Jean-Cyril Spinetta underlines the importance of this partnership for AREVA and for French industry as a whole. He regrets the malicious behavior liable to adversely affect the group's interests and undermine the efforts of its teams.

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