Status update on the Le Creusot plant quality audit

Press release

The quality audit launched at the end of 2015 on AREVA’s equipment manufacturing plants continues.

As regards the Le Creusot plant, at this stage the audit has revealed production monitoring anomalies which are currently being characterized. This characterization phase underway is to establish any possible impact on product quality and shall continue in the weeks to come.

A process for information and consultation with the ASN in particular is being implemented.

The audit being conducted indicates that these anomalies relate to actions carried out in the past. The organization and procedures currently in place at Le Creusot no longer permit such actions today.

In order to characterize the findings, a technical committee has been set up in connection with EDF. At this preliminary stage, no information has come to light that would jeopardize the mechanical integrity of the parts.

AREVA will provide a status report before May 31.