The AREVA-Siemens consortium appeals to TVO to commit to take the path of cooperation during the testing phase

Press Release

To ensure the successful execution of the final phases of the Olkiluoto 3 EPR™ reactor (OL3) project, the AREVA-Siemens consortium and its Finnish customer TVO jointly endorsed in August 2011 the establishment of a shared process to consolidate the OL3 completion schedule. This consolidation process will be completed by the end of the year.

Through it, the execution of the final phases of the project will be optimized by giving the partners a clear, detailed view of the tasks to be performed to commission the nuclear reactor. This approach is all the more essential in that the consortium’s and TVO’s efforts will require intense coordination and mutual commitment during the commissioning of the world's first third generation reactor.

The optimization process has already commenced and requires significant efforts from all parties during the finalization and approval of the remaining technical documentation.

Jean-Pierre Mouroux, Director of the OL3 project, underlines that “to carry out proper systems testing for such a facility, total cooperation with the customer is required. At this stage, as the project transitions from construction completion to commissioning and operation of systems, it is expected that TVO assumes a growing role in the successful finalization of the plant.”

With the project now 80% complete, including finalization of civil engineering work with the completion of the outer dome and the full installation of the four primary cooling systems, the consortium renews its commitment to cooperate with TVO.

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