The ATMEA1 reactor introduced to the Brazilian market


ATMEA, the 50/50 Joint Venture between AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), held yesterday its first regional ATMEA Day in Rio de Janeiro to present the ATMEA1 reactor design and the company’s localization strategy for its construction in Brazil.

Bringing together about 100 participants representing the main Brazilian nuclear stakeholders, the full-day event was a real success and a good and promising start for future collaboration with the Brazilian industry.

ATMEA, along with its two parent companies, AREVA and MHI, is firmly committed to supporting Brazil’s nuclear new-builds program and involving the local industry as part of its localization strategy.

"Industrial expertise and experience are keys to the success of any nuclear project. ATMEA is therefore committed to working together with Brazil’s industry through mutually beneficial partnerships to make Brazil’s nuclear new-builds program a real success," said Philippe Namy, ATMEA President and CEO, at the event. “This ATMEA Day has opened up promising opportunities for collaboration with local suppliers in Brazil. We are looking at developing long-lasting partnerships for future nuclear projects in Brazil and beyond”.

The ATMEA1 reactor is an evolutionary Generation III+ medium-sized pressurized water reactor (PWR) embedding proven technologies and providing top level safety as well as high economical and operational performance. As such, it is the best response to Brazil’s energy needs and constraints. Perfectly adaptable to Brazil’s grid requirements, the ATMEA1 reactor can provide Brazilian utilities with advanced operational flexibility.

The ATMEA1 reactor has already been pre-selected in Jordan and pre-qualified in Argentina for those countries’ nuclear new-builds programs. ATMEA is also looking at other opportunities in Asia, where utilities have expressed interest in the ATMEA1 reactor.

In the next decade, Brazil’s energy demand is expected to increase by around 50% with electricity consumption growing at an average rate of 4.5% annually. Brazil, which currently has two nuclear reactors that generate 3.2% of its electricity, therefore intends to expand its nuclear new-builds program with the construction of new reactors (4,000 MW to 8,000 MW total capacity) by 2030 in order to diversify its energy mix, which is presently heavily dependent on hydro power (more than 90%).

ATMEA, backed by AREVA and MHI, is ready to bring to Brazil all the necessary technology to develop its nuclear industry, create job opportunities and become a major nuclear player in the region.


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