The Comurhex Malvési plant held an open house


The Comurhex Malvési* plant held an open house on May 7-8, 2010. The event was one of a number of actions the plant organized to celebrate its 50 years of industrial and human history. Some 50 external stakeholders responded to the invitation and showed up for the guided tour on May 7. These included manufacturers, the press, and elected officials like Senator Courteau. On May 8, the Malvési site’s active and retired employees were able to give their family and friends a tour of the plant. More than 300 people came to get a first-hand view of most of the production facilities. Much of the visit was devoted to Comurhex II, the project that is making it possible to extend the site’s industrial operations. 
As Comurhex Malvési Plant Director Jean-Marc Ligney said, "this operation is right in line with our strategy to inform, build consensus and promote transparency with respect both to our external stakeholders and to our employees and their families. It has enabled us to put the upgrading of our conversion facilities on view and show what is being done to monitor the environment safely."
* The Comurhex Malvési plant carries out the first step of the uranium conversion process after the ore has been extracted, but before the uranium has been enriched. During this step, the uranium concentrate is purified and converted to uranium tetrafluoride (UF4). Through the Comurhex II project, Comurhex Malvési’s production facilities are being upgraded to enable the plant to increase production from the current 14,000 metric tons to 21,000 metric tons of UF4.