The “Industries Lyons 2011”

News brief

France’s Industry Week is among the 23 measures adopted following the high-level industry conference États généraux de l’industrie, which identified the changes that would be needed to strengthen France’s industrial policy. Toward this aim, a variety of events were held from April 4 to 10 to promote and lend new momentum to French industry. On April 1st, AREVA joined the women business owners’ association “Femmes Chefs d’Entreprise” (FCE) to hold a round table in Lyons.

At the same time, the Group brought in the president of the Lyons Chamber of Commerce and Industry for an “Exchange of views” between women employed at AREVA and female heads of small and medium-sized businesses in France’s Rhône-Alpes region. Additionally, from April 5 to 8, the city of Lyons hosted the “Industries Lyons 2011” Industrial Fair, which brought together 800 exhibitors and is France’s only fair to include all industry players.

AREVA teams from the Equipment BU and the Lyons facility also contributed to a “Nuclear Industry village” set up under the auspices of the worldwide Competitiveness Centre Burgundy Nuclear Partnership. The EPR™ reactor model on display at the Group’s booth was highly useful in answering the many questions that were fielded, including those relating to the safety aspects of the generation III reactor.

A number of the group’s other facilities, such as AREVA La Hague and AREVA Le Creusot, also took part in Industry Week by holding jobs fairs, occupational demonstrations, and on-site tours with the goal of publicizing and promoting the energy industry’s various activities.