The SaintéLyon 2010: a legendary event

News Brief

the run start An unmissable end-of-season event, the SaintéLyon once again offered all the charm and originality which has made it famous: a 68 km raid race between Saint-Etienne and Lyon over the peaks of the Monts du Lyonnais. The race takes place to the rhythmic bouncing lights of the athletes' headlamps, in the middle of the night!

To add to the inherent difficulty of the race, snow and arctic conditions made their presence known during the weekend! On Sunday November 5th, at midnight, with a temperature plummeting towards -10°C (14°F) almost 11,000 runners stood on the starting line, 6,000 of them participating as individuals. This year, 140 AREVA employees took part to the race.

The exceptional numbers of participants continue to increase every year and have placed the SaintéLyon, sponsored by AREVA, among the most important adventure races in the world.

Why is AREVA sponsoring the SaintéLyon?
Why is AREVA sponsoring the SaintéLyon?

The group has deep roots in the Lyon region. AREVA is a key partner to local communities and private companies and plays a vital economic and social role in the region.

It has a strong presence in the Rhône-Alps region, with 4 employment areas, 10 industrial sites and more than 6,000 employees, including 1,500 in Lyon.

It was natural for AREVA to choose to support this historic race, which holds such a special place in foot races in France. Taking place at night, in winter, this unusual and demanding race is a great adventure for every competitor. SaintéLyon also supports environmental concerns, a commitment it shares with the AREVA group.

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