The SICN Veurey site held its first local information committee (CLI)


The memebers of the commision during the visitsThe SICN Veurey* site held its first local information committee (CLI) for its stakeholders on September 28. The meeting was presided over by Yannick Belle, county councillor for the Isere region.

Please note that the SICN Veurey-Voroize site in the Isere region is a former nuclear fuel fabrication plant. Decommissioning operations started as soon as the site shut down its industrial activities in 2002. So far, more than 50,000 cubic meters of waste have been treated and 8,000 metric tons of very low level wastes (VLLW) have been shipped to the ANDRA waste storage facility

This first local information committee (CLI) was attended by representatives from local companies, neighbouring districts, the nuclear safety authority ASN, the prefecture, and the local residents’ association.

Site Director Marcel Dieulot presented the site and gave a progress report on the dismantling operations. During the visit that followed, participants were able to assess for themselves the transformation of the site and how much work had already been accomplished.

The decommissioning process for the buildings and land at Veurey should be completed by the end of the year to allow the first re-industrialization of a nuclear site in France.