The two first reactor coolant pumps have been installed on the Olkiluoto 3 site in Finland

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Hydraulic system of a reactor coolant pump

After the installation of the primary heavy components (steam generators, pressurizer, reactor vessel) on the Olkiluoto 3 site in Finland, the 4 reactor coolant pumps are the last large components remaining to be installed in the nuclear island in 2011.

JSPM teams, an AREVA subsidiary, and the OL3 team, have successfully installed the two first Reactor Coolant Pumps (RCP). Both the two hydraulic systems and motors were lifted and positioned in the primary circuit of the reactor building in April and May 2011.

The third and fourth RCPs will be installed in June and July, respectively.

The installation of the 4 reactor coolant pumps finalizes the complete assembly of the primary circuit. It is a very important milestone in the construction of a reactor, which will be followed by the tests of the equipment hatch of the reactor building, only entrance for the components.

Our teams are working hard to achieve this important milestone” said Jean-Pierre Mouroux, OL3 Project Director

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To know more

The reactor coolant pumps are a major component for the safety and the efficiency of power plants. The pump ensures reactor coolant flow circulation within the primary loop (reactor pressure vessel, steam generator, RCP).

On each loop of the primary circuit (4 in total), the reactor coolant pump enables core cooling and steam generator heat removal.

The heat carried by the reactor coolant from the primary circuit is transferred to the secondary cooling system water in the steam generators, which transforms then into steam. This steam drives then a turbine producing electricity.