Track and Field: AREVA unveils its sponsorship program and welcomes Usain Bolt to MEETING AREVA

Press release

The AREVA group reaffirmed its commitment to track and field in January by recommitting to the French Athletics Federation and MEETING AREVA. And today, AREVA brings that same energy in joining with the management of MEETING AREVA to announce that Usain Bolt will be competing in the Stade de France next July 6.

AREVA will continue to promote track and field by rolling out a new, event-full program for all fans of this sport.

AREVA will also be present at major national championships and European competitions, and will continue its commitment to the running world, a recent component of its sponsorship policy.

The MEETING AREVA will remain the high point of the sponsorship. This regular rendezvous of the Diamond League calendar and showcase of track and field in France will once again be a special place for athletes and the general public to meet. In that spirit, MEETING AREVA will welcome Usain Bolt this year, offering a unique opportunity to see him run in France.

AREVA will also pursue its one-of-a-kind “athlenergy” program for ardent supporters of running as well as track and field, whether as spectators or as participants. It will have a strong presence on the social networks, offering unusual and exclusive content on Facebook, Twitter and its “athlenergy” blog.

In addition, the group will continue the communication program it has devel-oped for its 47,000 employees, bringing them events, quizzes and sports challenges throughout the year through 180 employee information relays at AREVA’s 91 sites around the world. Every year, more than 1,500 employees get to go to the Stade de France to attend MEETING AREVA.

As Charles Hufnagel, Senior Executive Vice President of AREVA Communications, says, “We are delighted to continue our commitment with the FFA and the MEETING AREVA. After four years of shared excitement, meetings and victories, we want to continue to write this story together. It’s a real success story for our brand and for our employees. With Usain Bolt’s participation in the next MEETING AREVA, our commitment to track and field for the new Olympiad is starting off of the right foot!”