UK: major milestone for EPR™ reactor certification

Press Release

AREVA is delighted with the decision by the United Kingdom’s Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR) to issue an interim Design Acceptance Confirmation (iDAC) for the EPR reactor following a four-year Generic Design Assessment process.

This achievement is a major step forward for the construction of EPR reactors in the UK selected by EDF Energy. 

The issuing of the IDAC follows the signing this past July between between AREVA and EDF of a contract for the manufacture of heavy forgings required for critical components for the Hinkley Point C EPR reactor.

Alain-Pierre Raynaud, Chairman of AREVA UK, said: “This is a very important moment. After four years of the most detailed and careful examination of the EPR design by the UK regulators, they have concluded that they are largely satisfied with both the design and the safety case of our technology and are prepared to issue an Interim Design Acceptance Confirmation for the UK. 

“We have already closed out a number of the outstanding issues and look forward to satisfying the regulators on any remaining questions, including those raised following Fukushima. This will open the way to construction of the first EPR in the UK and all the benefits our low carbon technology will bring to assure energy supply.”

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