United States: A New Step Forward in Reactor Safety and Performance


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has approved AREVA’s new ARCADIA® core simulator system used for core performance analysis in pressurized water reactor plants in the United States. This major step forward will enable AREVA to offer a broader portfolio of products for the U.S. nuclear power generation market.

With the strength of its global experience and engineering competencies, AREVA is now able to offer its power generation customers the most advanced industrial code system worldwide.

ARCADIA® is capable of modeling reactor core behavior in great detail. As a result, calculation uncertainties are greatly reduced, allowing for improved operational performance and reactor safety margins.

Certain methods employed by ARCADIA® have already been used for internal safety studies of the AREVA EPR™ reactor.

"NRC approval of the ARCADIA code system is a testimony to the success of our global organization, drawing on the experience of hundreds of operating cycles. ARCADIA® offers an advanced solution to reinforce the nuclear safety margins of pressurized water reactors in operation," said Markus Birkhofer, Fuel Business Unit Executive Vice President.

AREVA plans to deploy the ARCADIA® code system to its markets worldwide.


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