United States: AREVA and PEICO Complete Contract to Provide Emergency Regional Response Centers for the Nuclear Industry

Press Release

AREVA and PEICo (Pooled Equipment and Inventory Company), who operates the inventory sharing program for U.S. nuclear power plants, have completed a contract that aligns their services to provide and operate offsite regional response centers for the U.S. nuclear industry. Under the SAFER (Strategic Alliance for FLEX Emergency Response) alliance, AREVA and PEICo will manage the backup system inventory and provide implementation services as part of an industry-wide safety program.

Following the lessons learned from Fukushima, the U.S. nuclear industry developed an approach to reinforce the safety measures at nuclear power plants, which includes the development of the regional response centers.

AREVA and PEICo developed this alliance to meet the needs of their customers for the availability of offsite equipment, including diesel generators, pumps, and motors. This offer will align the emergency inventory management support center operated by PEICo in Memphis, Tennessee and AREVA’s services in emergency response planning and outage team expertise.

“Developed as part of our Safety Alliance offer, this partnership demonstrates AREVA’s commitment to the American nuclear industry and our dedication to safety and operational excellence,” said Tom France, Senior Vice President of AREVA Reactors and Services AREVA, Inc.

“This alliance of two industry leaders will provide an important defense-in-depth solution to meet the concerns about the reliability and accessibility of off-site, backup equipment,” said Mark Olson, PEICo president. “The industry and public can be confident that backup emergency assets will be protected and available even following the most unlikely events.”

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