United States: Series of Contracts for the Delivery of Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation Systems


AREVA has been awarded by American utilities a series of contracts for the delivery of a reliable and competitive solution, the Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation (SFPLI) system.

After being used in a nuclear reactor to produce electricity, the fuel is placed in storage pools to be cooled. The indication of the water level of these pools is an important factor for safety.

The solutions that will be provided by AREVA use a technology that has already been proven in more than 300,000 applications including nuclear, military, and industrial installations.

AREVA is pleased to offer the American nuclear industry this proven and competitive system which meets the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s new requirements for improving nuclear plant safety,” said Claude Jaouen, senior executive vice president, Reactors & Services Business Group for AREVA.

The SFPLI system is part of AREVA’s global “Safety Alliance” program, created in 2011, which assembles all of AREVA’s solutions to optimise the safety of the nuclear facilities in operation.

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Press Contacts

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