Update on AREVA’s activities in Niger


During a visit to Niger, Olivier Wantz, member of the Executive Board and Senior Executive Vice President of AREVA’s Mining BG, met with Nigerien authorities to give them an update on AREVA’s activities in Niger and in particular on the Imouraren project.

In this new mining project in northern Niger, AREVA is developing the largest uranium mine in Africa. Preparations for mining are under way (construction of the mine, plants and infrastructures, etc.), with extraction of the first ore scheduled for 2015.

At present, AREVA and its partners* are operating two other mines, which produce more than 4,500 tons of uranium a year, making Niger one of the world’s leading uranium producers. Comments Mr. Wantz: “Niger and AREVA have an enduring partnership that dates back more than 40 years. Our mines have produced over 120,000 tons of uranium since mining began, and they have become contributors to the country’s economic development. With the Imouraren project, Niger and AREVA are strengthening this longstanding partnership and looking ahead to cooperation over the very long term.”

Today, AREVA’s activities in Niger provide more than 5,300 jobs and represent nearly 180 million euros in procurement expenditures. More than half of the purchases of the mines in operation are made from Nigerien businesses. As for the mining revenues, 70% go to the Nigerien state, 27% to AREVA and 3% to the other partners.


* AREVA is the operator and majority shareholder of the mining companies in the Arlit region. The Group has interests of 63.6% in SOMAÏR (Société des Mines de l'Aïr), 34% in COMINAK (Compagnie Minière d'Akouta), and 66.65% in IMOURAREN SA.