USA: AREVA announces second installation of digital Instrumentation & Control (I&C) system


AREVA is pleased to announce the second successful installation of a comprehensive safety-related digital Instrumentation and Control (I&C) reactor protection system in the United States. AREVA’s TELEPERM® XS (TXS) enables state-of-the-art digital processing of functions for reactor protection systems and engineered safeguards protection systems for nuclear plants, replacing older analog systems.

“AREVA is bringing important safety innovation to the industry. We incorporated lessons learned from the first installation of our digital I&C system in the U.S. and successfully delivered another on-schedule installation”, said Mike Rencheck, Chief Executive Officer of AREVA in the United States. “AREVA is providing the industry with a digital I&C benchmark for successful licensing, installation, and operation.”

AREVA’s TXS I&C system, is a state-of-the-art, fully digital system used to monitor and control the processes and equipment of a nuclear plant.  AREVA became the only supplier to receive NRC approval for full plant specific application of a safety-related digital I&C system in the United States and have now installed two units in the country, the first being installed in 2011. This new digital technology upgrade is expected to improve overall plant reliability and performance as the U.S. nuclear fleet extends their operations into the future.

The TXS technology and its implementation have been recognized previously as the Engineering Project of the year at the Platts’ Global Energy Awards in 2011, as well as with the B. Ralph Sylvia “Best of the Best” award at this year’s Nuclear Energy Assembly, the annual reference conference for the nuclear sector held by the Nuclear Energy Institute.

TELEPERM® XS has been installed or is on order at 74 nuclear units at 43 separate sites worldwide, covering 14 countries and multiple reactor suppliers