USA: AREVA outage results exceed safety expectations

AREVA completes outage work at DC Cook plant, in Michigan (USA), with extremely low-dose (radiation) exposure during the planned spring outage.

The AREVA team handling steam generator repair work on DC Cook Unit 2 as part of the recent outage, successfully completed 22,991 inspections on four steam generators with zero safety issues and very low-dose exposure.

“It was a great team effort by all personnel,” said Mike Jefferson, Field Operations Manager for Steam Generator Repair Services. “Constant monitoring and good peer checking by our team were the key factors that contributed to zero safety incidents and very low dose.”

“The total dose exposure was below 10 Rem, which is an outstanding achievement. By working safely and smartly we are able to deliver outstanding results for our clients,” said Mike Rencheck, CEO of AREVA, Inc.

The scope of AREVA’s work included eddy current testing/inspections of tubing to look for degradations/problems, primary manway removal, secondary manway removal, water lancing at 3000 psi (essentially high pressure wash of the tubes), secondary side inspections and top of tube inspection.

The AREVA team had personnel on site 24 hours a day to monitor the dose exposure, coach employees and remind the team to stay dose conscious. Dose levels were reported twice daily to project leaders.