USA: AREVA receives NRC approval of new Simulation Validation Test for Digital I&C System


After becoming the first and only supplier to receive NRC approval for full plant application of a safety-related digital I&C system (TELEPERM® XS), AREVA announces NRC approval of a Simulation Validation Testing tool.

The testing tool, known as SIVAT, is the first safety-related software simulation tool approved by the NRC to perform formal validation testing on digital I&C systems.  Simulation testing will enable nuclear utilities to more accurately and easily test systems, thereby contributing to their operational excellence while significantly reducing risks associated with licensing, installation and operation of a digital I&C upgrade system.

“With NRC approval, AREVA takes another step forward in helping the nuclear industry as we continue to provide innovative tools to ensure ease and reliability in licensing and installation of digital upgrades for existing plants,” said Philippe Samama, Executive Vice President of AREVA’s Installed Base Business Unit. “Internationally, AREVA has proven itself as the worldwide industry leader and now we are bringing the same know-how to assist the U.S. nuclear fleet as they replace older analog safety systems.”

The AREVA TELEPERM® XS I&C system is a state-of-the-art, fully digital system, used to monitor and control the processes and equipment of a nuclear plant and is expected to improve overall plant reliability and performance.

While safety-related digital I&C systems are new to the U.S., they have been installed and operating safely in Europe for over ten years. Specifically, the TELEPERM® XS platform has been installed or is
on order for 74 units at 43 sites, covering 14 countries.