WNE 2014: AIFEN presents the first world nuclear exhibition held in France

In brief

On June 5, 2014, the AIFEN1 held a press conference in the offices of the OECD2, attended by a representative of that organization, to officially launch the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) to be held in Le Bourget from October 14 to 16. Expected to draw some 7,000 visitors from 32 countries, this is the first large-scale exhibition devoted to the nuclear industry to be put on by French entities in France.

For Gérard Kottmann3, Chairman of the AIFEN and of the WNE, “France is the natural choice to host this type of international event concerning the nuclear industry. It's natural because, for more than 40 years, France has acquired comprehensive industrial capacities and outstanding expertise. It’s natural because its 58 standardized reactors are delivering optimum performance in terms of cost, safety and operating experience. And it’s natural because France has always been open to international cooperation.”

A program that does honor to the event
A program that does honor to the event

The international event will bring together more than 430 exhibitors, in addition to major French companies such as EDF and AREVA, whose booths will be next to each other in the center of the exhibition. Above all, the exhibition is an opportunity for business encounters and will not be open to the general public. However, Thursday, October 16 will be devoted specifically to the world of higher education.

Two round tables will be held each day, led by experts or senior executives from major groups, on topics such as power plant operations, training, dismantling or waste management. Luc Oursel will chair the round table of Tuesday, October 14 entitled “Safe and proven technologies for reactors and the fuel cycle”.

The WNE initiative
The WNE initiative

The WNE is an initiative of the AIFEN, itself an emanation of the Strategic Committee of the Nuclear Industry (CSFN), which represents some 300 French companies and large nuclear industry associations. The CSFN covers every segment of the industry, from fuel fabrication to dismantling, and includes engineering, technology, components, production, research and other specializations.

It stems from a 2011 decision of the Nuclear Policy Council chaired by Arnaud Montebourg, French Minister of Economy, Industrial Renewal, and Digital. The CSFN’s members represent every company in the nuclear industry. Its mission is to strengthen intra-industry relations and partnerships. The major thrust of the WNE was established by CSFN’s steering committee of which AREVA is a member.

[1] AIFEN: Association des industriels français exportateurs du nucléaire
[2] OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
[3] Gérard Kottmann is also President of the Burgandy Nuclear Committee (Pôle nucléaire de Bourgogne)