You are over 5,000 fans and followers of the AREVA Facebook and Twitter accounts… Thank you to all!

News brief

Since 2008 AREVA has developed its digital communications to make the voice of the group heard on the internet in general and on social networks in particular. This is proving to be a winning strategy, with the AREVA Facebook fan page and official Twitter feed recently passing the milestone of 5,000 fans or followers, opening up a great new space for our group to publish information and reach out to stakeholders.

In just a few years, digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become essential communications media which AREVA has decided to use to further its communications strategy based on transparency, openness and dialog.

The platforms which we already work with are constantly changing, and new media are regularly emerging. We need to be able to take advantage of these developments to engage more and more with our different publics.

Facebook and Twitter at AREVA, user guide
Facebook and Twitter at AREVA, user guide

The group’s Community Managers coordinate the Facebook page and Twitter feed to provide accessible, informative updates on group news, projects and activities. These channels suit the group’s transparent and relaxed approach to engaging with its stakeholders.

Each social network serves a specific purpose: Facebook offers a forum for engaging with the general public, including some opponents, on the group itself and on energy challenges, through quizzes, articles, photos, etc. Twitter on the other hand lends itself to sharing group news and interventions by Luc Oursel with audiences such as journalists and opinion leaders.