the new website for Track and Field and running enthusiasts

News brief

AREVA, French Track and Field Sponsor since 2009, made a commitment a year ago to heighten this sport’s profile, to support top-level athletes and future champions and to promote this sport as a leisure activity, reaching as many people as possible. 
As part of its sponsorship activities, AREVA has recently launched a new version of the website, making it a world-class resource for all Track and Field and running enthusiasts
With daily updates, the website includes: 

  • behind-the-scenes videos
  • the most compelling stories from the stars of Track and Field,
  • interviews with leading athletes,
  • results in real time, 
  • a column written by Olympic pole-vaulting champion Jean Galfione, 
  • running advice and personalized training programs from Renaud Longuèvre, French team trainer and coach to Ladji Doucouré.

There is also an interactive space with an easy-to-use tool which allows you to record your best running times and view those of others. 

Competitions will now allow you to share exclusive moments with athletes and experience all the emotion of Track and Field first hand. Online video games will very soon be an additional feature of the website.